To prevent the rebirth of one of the cruelest regimes in history, an ex-CIA agent goes Nazi hunting in master storyteller Andrew Kaplan’s riveting thriller

In the hell of Auschwitz, the devil was named Mengele. His atrocities were unspeakable, and among his victims were the wife and child of a man named Wasserman, who was forced to watch them die. Mengele survived the war, disappearing into hiding in South America, and Wasserman ran too—fleeing to America to make a fortune in pornography. Now he is dying of cancer, but before he goes, he wants to see Mengele dead.

To hunt the evil doctor, he recruits John Caine, an ex-CIA agent whose time in Vietnam gave him his own close-up view of evil. Seeking the Angel of Death in the jungles of South America, Caine discovers a sinister conspiracy code-named Starfish and realizes that Mengele is only the beginning.