This book will help collection agency owners create publicity and media buzz about their agency that results in more clients, more accounts to collect and more success in this tough industry. This book is based on my personal experience of starting my own collection agency and marketing it to be a very successful, well known agency with thousands of happy clients. I share my year's worth of tried and proven free and low cost marketing techniques that worked for me and my agency and that can work for you.

This book will provide you with what you need to know about marketing, examples of actual marketing plans and press releases that you can use or modify to suit your agency and my tips and resources that can help you be successful. The top question I am asked lately by agency owners is how can I gain more clients for my agency? This book will help you do that.

I would like to thank Amie Burke, the marketing and inside sales director at Merchants and Medical Credit Corporation in Flint Michigan for her contribution called "Marketing on the internet."

I would also like to thank Christina Nitschmann, the owner of Savvy Customer Service in New York for her contribution "Narrowing down your target market."

Thank you to Laura Lowenstein, Esq., who is the owner of Capital Resource Management, Inc. for her contribution titled "The four B's of marketing."

Thank you to Sue Sempier, the director of marketing and sales at Nudelman, Klemm & Golub, P.C. in New Jersey for her contribution about social media and blogs.

I hope you find this book helpful in marketing your collection agency.