Tristan awakens on Torottu, but Jinsu has no memory of him. His only chance to win Jinsu back is to follow his heart.

Tristan awakens on Torottu, but the portal wasn't meant for humans, and he's been near death since his arrival almost ten months ago. That's okay, though, because now that he's awake, he and Jinsu can start their life together.

The problem? Jinsu has no idea who Tristan is—the return trip through the portal erased his memory of Earth, of their relationship, even Tristan himself. Winning Jinsu's heart again won't be easy, especially if Kelan, Jinsu's twin, has anything to say about it.

Kelan loves Jinsu, too, and he won't be put aside for Tristan. Not again.

Tristan knows his only chance for happiness—and the only chance for Jinsu and Kelan—is to follow his heart.