Totally charmed! What a lovely counterpoint to Little Red Hen, too. I love the fanciful ways the animals acquire the ingredients: the hens picking up eggs with their wings and delicately adding them to a basket, the pig asking for a pinch of salt from—who else—picnicking otters, the dog pragmatically picking some sugar up at the store, and then (why not?) a monkey and a bear in the middle of all the farm animals. Other great details: the bear bouncing a soccer ball on his head; the cat interrupted in the middle of grooming with his hind leg straight in the air; the child's big tummy poking forward in their coveralls; the bear giving a piggy back ride to the hen as they went along on the quest; the bear and cat walking arm in arm. I would have been so happy reading this over and over to my girls when they were small...very disappointed we missed this one!