Inspired by episodic TV and serialized comic book stories, The 33 is a high-stakes genre mash of action, sci-fi and supernatural thriller. New episodes are released monthly.

Pramantha — An idyllic research & development commune with a deadly secret. Technologists here are forging the future of communications and entertainment ... but something here is driving its residents insane.

Addison Creel, John Swords III, Bliss, Mad_Ana and Azael — members of the world-saving group, The 33 — are now here, investigating its year-long suicide epidemic. But Pramantha's founder, Internet billionaire Zebulon Pike, claims those deaths never happened.

As they explore Pramantha and its world-changing technology, Creel and his teammates encounter the unholy mind-controlling force that powers it. And they unearth a brainbending revelation that Pike wanted to keep buried. A secret he's willing to kill for, to protect...