After a year of personal and professional upheaval Nick Valente is in the market for redemption, not temptation. Getting involved with any woman, especially smart-mouthed Abby McCabe, is simply not in this players game plan. Experience, mostly bad, has convinced Abby McCabe that she has a special gift for finding men who cant help falling out of love with her. Getting close to a man, especially one who plays the field professionally, is sure to add another loss to her emotional score sheet. With Nick on the bench, its up to Abby to turn the game around. Trusting this man with her heart could deliver the biggest save of her lifeor the biggest error she ever made. Will they strike out or end up with a homerun? Warning, this title contains the following: a hot baseball player with all-star equipment, a smack talking woman who doesnt know the score, and a world class collection of inflatable dolls.