I won this book on a giveaway, thank to goodreads, and I'm glad to be the one to do the first review of it.

First of all it's a poetry bookand it's seperate i two between two authors. Personnally I prefer a way more the poems by the first author, Johanna Rae, I find thme more profound and the themes were more in my style, bringing back emotions and parts of my life, the second author let me more cold with all the ┬źnobody love me┬╗ stuff that I don't really give in. But the good point for the book is that it's really accessible, it's not, and some hardcore poetry fan may hate it for that, big and incomprehensible poetry, but more simple, accessible and without wanting to take it to another level without reason. That make the book easy to read and poems that are easy to rely to. So it deserve the time to take a look at it, even if your not in poetry a lot!