Voodoo-EROS Ethnological Studies in the Sex-Life of the African Aborigines was originally published in 1933.

The relationship of the two sexes to each other is steadfast by laws of nature, which, like a red thread, runs through the whole animal kingdom, fixed forever. The "ars amandi" may vary more or less according to the psychical or physical potency of the single individual, according to his inexhaustible imagination, but the "modus amandi," the relationship of the two loving beings to each other, remains constant through all times, all cultures, all races.

Only he who cannot comprehend the typical, led astray by a little unevenness, which his short-sightedness easily turns into a heterogeneous occurrence - believe that he sees differences where the clear thinker, hampered by no prejudice, can find none.

Woman everywhere remains woman, and man remains man, independent of color, of skin and race, white or black, yellow or copper red: beyond ugly and beautiful, old and young, good and evil!