Another great Henry and Mudge book. Henry and Mudge go to the beach with Henry's father, a fun dad-son day. The story shares experiences of jumping into the ocean, riding waves, building sandcastles, eating sno-cones, and finding a crab. They definitely are not the best example of healthy eating on their day at the beach, but the mommy in me needs to settle down and enjoy that hotdogs and sno-cones are fun. Even if that's all you have for lunch and dinner.

I do think that Mudge is a bad example of poking his nose in every hole he passes searching for another crab, because the danger of a crab pinching you definitely was not emphasized in this book, but again, I need to calm down and not assume that Jill is looking for life lessons and examples and will get pinched by a crab the next time we go to the beach because of Mudge's example. Ha. :)

Jill loved this book as she has loved the rest and can't wait for us to get the next Henry and Mudge book.