Florida's history—the longest and among the most colorful of any state—has been voluminously recorded in books, monographs, newspaper accounts, diaries and journals, memoirs, and letters. Regional libraries and archives are filled with accounts of Indian life, Spanish and British settlement, and Florida's growth and development as a state. This bibliographic study is the first to bring together these materials, providing assessments of the available resources as well as discussions of specific archives and collections.

The first section of the "Guide" consists of fifteen historiographical essays on major works and scholarly interpretions for each period of Florida's history and for major topics. The section surveys libraries and archives that contain important collections in Florida history. Essays have been contributed by thirty of Florida's best-known historians, archivists, librarians, and other scholars. A valuable resource for researchers, students, genealogists, and the interested public, this book is an appropriate selection for reference collections in American, regional, or Florida history.