I thought some of the ideas were interesting and I hadn't realized it would have such strong Christian themes when I ordered this from the library.I skipped lots of sections on the initial reading, but bookmarked several ideas as they related to character development and setting personal goals for self, children, & spouse.I plan to reread some sections again and take some notes as I'd like to implement a few ideas for the summer.The book is realistic in sharing what has worked for the families of the two authors, but it has a very relaxed and encouraging approach—just try something new and don't set too many goals as that wouldn't be realistic to achieve. I actually would like to go back and reread and reflect on some of the scriptures in the book, but it wasn't my initial goal, so I didn't cover those yet and probably won't in great detail even in the second (or third) look I take at this book.

It's more than a decade old, but still has some good basic ideas that are new to me and should make for some summer fun.