The streets of the forgotten borough are still filled with greed, deceit and disloyalty. Messiah finds her mother and doesn’t know how to react. Her anger wants to put a bullet in her forehead, but the little girl inside is dying to know the woman who abandoned her so many years ago. The only problem standing in the middle of that is Tech. Messiah's mother, Carla, has to make one of the toughest decisions in her life, but will she make the right one? When Messiah digs up some old skeletons, it causes Carla to step back into the role she had lost so many years ago. Will she make the right decision?

Rasheed is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Choosing between his sister, and fiancé he’s stuck. His loyalty and love for his sister wont allow him to turn his back on her, no matter how wrong she did him. With Messiah stepping into her new role, Rasheed doesn’t approve of; heads are sure to bud. Will Rasheed approve of his fiancé’s decision or fight back?

Jaylah and Lb’s relationship is on the rock. When someone from her past enters her life, he opens her eyes to the stuff that Lb is putting her through, along with the possibility of rekindling a crush she had harbored for years. When Lb is caught up, and the truth hits Jaylah like a ton of bricks will she leave or continuing riding for Lb?
Ock has a personal vendetta against Tech, since he was the reason he lost six years of his life. When he runs into Jaylah it’s fate’s sign that Tech has a death threat. Determined to handle business, and get his self right, he falls for the lovely Jaylah, hard.

Eli thinks everyone thinks he’s dead. That is until his brother starts making costly mistakes that could end both of their lives. With a price on his head, and a reckless brother, will Eli fall into Messiah’s grasp or escape the forgotten borough?