An entertaining and insightful collection of genuine cases of animal communication, by Jackie Weaver - a talented and renowned expert in this field - as seen on TV!"Over the past few years, I have treated many of the same horses that have 'chatted' to Jackie. It never ceases to amaze me when I find the same muscular/skeletal problems that correspond to what they have already 'told' Jackie during a communication. This book clearly shows how useful Animal Communication can be for the owners and their animals, highlighting problems that sometimes the eye can't see, so helping the animals to get the treatment they need."Sarah Smith BSc, MAA- McTimoney Animal Manipulator"Sceptics beware; Jackie Weaver possesses a rare ability, a gift supported by testimonials barked out by a veritable pack of dogs, cats, horses and other assorted creatures great and small. She is undoubtedly the Welsh Marches' answer to Dr Doolittle - as I should know. Her brief interview with my Spaniel/Collie cross, Bundle, proved an incisive glimpse into the doggy psyche." Sally Boyce, Mid Wales Journal