I have been reading A LOT of PIKE lately, so I decided to break it up a bit and grab a Fear Street STINE book. There is a vast difference between these two author's writing style, and now that I am in my 20's I much prefer the more mature style of PIKE. However, Stine will always hold a nostalgic place in my heart and his books are incredibly quick reads with relatively interesting plots and characters.

In BROKEN HEARTS, I must say, the character development goes much deeper than many of Stines other books. The book begins with a nice horse ride gone wrong. After half ass checking the saddle on Rachel's horse, Rachel, her sister Josie, and their best friend Melissa decide that it's good enough and head out for a ride leaving Rachel and Josie's little sister Erica behind. Erica is not much of a rider and is much more shy and introverted than her sisters. On the trail, Rachel's horse is spooked and she is thrown from the horse landing on her head.

A perfect cliff hanger (as Stine loves to use after it seems every chapter) we think Rachel is dead. She is not but her brain was badly damaged reverting her to a child like state, a state in which Erika is put in charge of taking care of. Josie, despite being partly to blame for the accident, takes no responsibilty for Rachel and never does her share of taking care of her. Because of this, Erika is forced to give up her social time and school activities to take care of her sister, while Josie does what she pleases.

Josie's world is shaken up with the arrival of a Valentine's card that reveal rhyming death threats addressed to her. At first, her and her boyfriend think it just a joke, but as more come, and the list of Josie's enemies grows, Josie may not live through the holiday and the killer really really hates Josie.

Like I said, Stine is notorious for his chapter ending cliff hangers which can get old after a while. This book I liked, because I felt like he gave more depth to his characters rather than just relying on the girl friend dates the bad boy motif. I absolutely could not fucking stand the character of Josie. I was ready to kill her myself by the end of the third chapter. I liked where Stine went with this one.