I loved how this series ended. It was so beautiful. Everyone ended up happy.
Maron passed on her power of being reborn to Finn, who was in turn reborn as her baby, Natsuki. (Natsuki was also Finn's name in her previous human life.) Access was reborn as Miyako's child, Shinji, who instantly fell in love with Natsuki at first sight.
Maron, of course, has now married Chiaki. Miyako has married Minazuki. Maron's parents have also remarried.
I won't post spoilers of how Maron/Jeanne won the battle against Satan, but I love that it involved her being herself. And, props to Finn for being the wonderful "full" angel she had become, and making such a sacrifice for Maron.
I also want to comment on Tanemura's "free talk" columns that are down the sides of the columns. Tanemura had been getting notes telling her to quit Ribon, the magazine that KKJ appeared in in Japan. This made her feel worthless, and she locked herself in her room for 10 days, only having music to keep her company.
Please don't send amazing people like Tanemura bad notes like that. Her manga are wonderful, so I am sure she is, too. We need wonderful mangakas like this to continue producing such emotional mangas like this. I appreciate her work very much.