The *third* book in the Shadow trilogy, much of what we said about the first applies to this one. Don't believe the GoodReads info, and you really want to read Shadow Hunt before this one.

The appearance of a stranger with the ability to go through a hut's walls presages a plague that's deadly to humans but seems not to affect elves at all, and the answers seem to lie in the swamp that Shadow crossed in the prior book.

The romance in this book is extremely glossed over and feels very much like an adolescent thing. They snipe at each other initially, they have a lot in common, someone slaps them upside the head and they get together. It feels like it's just a set-up for Jaellyn's story in the next two/three books, however many it turned out to be.

Farryn's interaction with the rest of the group feels much more organic and the events in the temple of Adraon are not just suspenseful, but completely true to the characters. It's a great ending. We just wish there was more after this one.