Slumsville. That’s what some people call Bundy Street, and Angie supposes they’re right. If you really look—- at the cracked sidewalks, peeling paint, and flashing neon signs—- Bundy Street is a slum. Which only makes Angie long to go somewhere else, away from Bundy Street and the people who live there. Her boyfriend Con’s way out is a college scholarship. And hers, too, he says. They’ll do it together. Just like they always have. It’s their shared dream. One that has always seemed possible…until Con tries to leave Bundy Street another way. A way that almost costs him his life.

“In the aftermath of the near tragedy when 15-year-old Con becomes permanently crippled in a railroad accident, his neighbors and girlfriend, Angie, rally to turn their “slumsville” street into a more inviting and friendly environment in anticipation of his return from he hospital.” – Wet Print

“In this short novel, two inner-city teenagers live through some of life’s tough lessons and find satisfying answers. Angie – who sometimes works, but usually takes care of her younger sister while her mother works – and her boyfriend, Con – whose newest stepfather seems to enjoy beating him into submission – both desire to escape their poor living situations. Con, promising to come back and make life better for Angie, tries to hop a train out of the city and loses both legs. The rest of the book tells how they both come to terms with their situation, with God, and how they look forward to a much better life. The imagery is good . . .” – Bookstore Journal