Tired of droning pundits and politicians, or the almost daily tirades on the radio, TV, and in print? Ever wonder what the facts are behind so many diverse opinions on such a variety of topics?

Statistics maven Cheryl Russell — editorial director of New Strategist Publications and the former editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine — has spent a career tracking down the facts that many pundits in the media avoid, don’t know, or don’t care to know. In Bet You Didn’t Know, a fast-paced adventure in trend spotting, she separates facts from fantasy and applies a hefty dose of common sense to provide a deeper understanding of the processes at work in American society.

Whether you’re planning to look for a job, invest in the stock market, get married, have children, buy a house, vote, run for political office, or are just looking for some luscious tidbits to drop at your party, you’d better check Russell’s book first to get your facts straight. And you are guaranteed to be amazed by what you find!

Russell knowingly focuses her perceptive eye on America’s top obsessions:

Our bodies—health, weight, food, sex, drugs
Families—relationships and children
Money—earnings, spending, debt, poverty, and wealth
Jobs—school, work, and retirement
Luxuries and Stuff—homes, cars, and everything else
Free Time—sports, TV, the Internet, and more
Big Issues—religion, politics, and national phobias
Our Country—race, immigration, regions, and cities
In each case, she spotlights the most significant facts and then offers pithy, illuminating commentary to provide a rational perspective and a full-blown reality check.

Before making big or small decisions or major pronouncements, you’ll want to check this engrossing, concise, fun, and factual guide.