Reason for Reading:I've enjoyed other books in this series.

An introductory book on the history and building of the Great Pyramids of Giza.A story approach is taken as Isabel travels back in time and gets first hand information from on-the-spot witnesses.She travels back in time to the building of each of the three pyramids and we learn the history of each while learning how the building progressed from the step pyramid to the smooth-sided pyramid.I did find it a bit unbelievable as Isabel popped up in her jeans and jacket and "interviewed" the Ancient Egyptians without them batting an eyelash at this strange modern woman.However, the Isabel Soto books are fun.Bringing a positive role model and career choice (minus the time travel :-) along with basic information.While these books are usually deservedly recommended for a wide age range, this particular one is too general to be of much use beyond the Grade 3/4 level.This book is more of a starting point to see if the subject matter is of interest.