For anyone who has ever been touched and inspired by a Chassidic tale, this box set needs no introduction. For anyone who has not yet experienced the warmth and wisdom of Chassidic masters such as the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Zusha of Hanipoli—welcome!

In these volumes you’ll find stories that will give you a new appreciation for the Jewish holidays, as well as the Jewish people’s ability to remain joyous and optimistic even during the darkest times. By journey’s end, hopefully you too will have discovered the secret for how to Choose Light!

Included is the full text of the following ebooks:

36 Candles: Chassidic Tales for Chanukah
Choose Life! 8 Chassidic Tales for the Jewish New Year
Choose Joy! 15 Chassidic Tales for Sukkos
Pass Over to Freedom: 15 Jewish Tales for Passover
The World Is Built With Kindness: 15 Chassidic Tales for Shavuos