Rachel Hicks is in love with her psychologist, Imdiko Conyod.The mute, battered, but unbowed Earther is thrilled when she gets the chance to join his clan.Clanmates Dramok Erybet and Nobek Sletran are traumatized from the war with Earth, but Rachel senses they are kindred spirits she can trust.She hopes that perhaps together they can all heal their wounds and become whole once more.

But there's a killer loose on Kalquor, one associated with the most infamous slaughter of innocents during the war with Earth.Now he's murdering Earther women and putting their mutilated bodies on display.When they discover the terrible secret Erybet and Sletran are hiding, Conyod and Rachel suspect the killer might be shockingly close to home ... and Rachel could be his next victim.

word count = 133,090