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By Ginnis Tonik.


All three of the Silent Night books follow a pretty similar formula which makes summing them up fairly easy. Our main protagonist is redheaded Reva Dalby, the richest bitch in all of Shadyside. Reva thinks such gems as this:

“Promptness is such a boring virtue.” (Silent Night)

Apparently, she’s such a snot because her mother died a few years prior, but really Reva ends up being the girl you love to hate, and you understand perfectly why everyone wants to off her, but I guess you’re supposed to root for her because she’s the protagonist with the dead mom. Anyway, Reva’s “Daddy” (because rich girls only call their fathers “Daddy”) owns the local department store Dalby’s which employs many of the Shadyside folk. Mr. Dalby fires people a lot, so the folks of Shadyside not only dislike Reva, but also hate her Dad. Mr. Dalby insists on Reva working there so she will learn important life lessons like being an asshole to poor people.