Professionally, I work in special education. I have worked with 100s of children and adolescents with autism. Unfortunately, autism has become a hype and it is even being over-diagnosed and over-marketed. Just look on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, and see so many books (some expensive, some dirt cheap) trying to make a buck off the backs of people with autism. Not this book, I can guarantee you that. Here is why.

This book is a very detailed resource on anything that has to do with the Autism Spectrum. Besides the fact that all 5 underlying disorders have been described, the author has also written chapters on research and evidence-based treatments and interventions such as Positive Behaviour Support (pioneered by Robert Koegel) and Relationship Development Intervention. Also the sensory components in occupational therapy are looked at.

But what truly blasts this book away, far higher than most others, is the fact that the author has created a chapter about the changes within this spectrum with the upcoming DSM V. This is so important as it will be of significant importance for future diagnosis for people with social skills that are significantly impaired.
This book has it all, and describes also delicate but important issues such as inappropriate or over-excessive masturbation.You might think that this is a private topic, but that is not the case, as I have met young men who were almost sentenced to jail for indecent exposure in public, because they were found to be masturbating where they should not have done that. I also have worked with parents who just did not know what to do with their child anymore, as they wanted to learn how they could teach their child when masturbation is safe and appropriate.

If you are looking for an evidence-based book, full of latest scientific findings, this is the one you need. The author has included a list of references, and provides links to websites, that can help you with further information and resources.

Overall one of the better resources I have seen in a long time, and I am going to recommend this book to a few teachers I work with, as this book should be their main resource for learning about and dealing with autism.