This is the second resume book I have read in the last couple of weeks.This one is far superior.In general, I am a huge fan of the Dummies series of books, and this one was no disappointment.I'll be honest in that the resume world is changing in a way I am not sure is for the better of job hunters.

For example, it is clear that one needs to mimic a job's requirements nearly verbatim to not get weeded out from an automatic tracking system.Ironically, it would seem only someone without real experience, qualifications, or creativity would do this on their own. Thereby, the person who has but merely the talent to copy from their computer screen to a Word document gets ranked atop the database listings.

Luckily, this book provides the guide to getting an interview, which should be the only objective of a resume.I would have ranked the book at 5-stars until the last few chapters, where example resumes were shown that (a) seemed to use different phrasing than suggested and (b) were so diverse that they seemed to have no rules at all (which may be a positive, showing that strong content can be placed in many suitable design formats).

Overall, this book provided me with an amazing level of information that I wish I would have known before I submitted any resumes to employers.