Why won't hurling and Gaelic football become professional?What would it cost to build a stand on Hill 16?Has Kilkenny's dominance of hurling turned sponsors off the hurling championship?What is the 'semi-final dilemma'?What was the most significant purchase in the GAA's history?What happens when Sky Sports comes calling?And, by the way, what county supporters are so mean they bring their own sandwiches to the All-Ireland final?GAAconomics is a unique sports book which will ensure you never again look at hurling and Gaelic football the same way. Michael Moynihan talks frankly to current and recent GAA managers, players, officials and presidents, as well as economists, historians, statisticians, marketing experts and accountants, and gets the inside story on how money courses through the GAA.

There's more to the GAA than wondering who'll win next Sunday.

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