Revisit the characters from THE BUNCO CLUB and follow Phreedom Clarke and Rosa Mitchell as they each come face to face with their futures.
Phree forges an exciting new life for herself from the proceeds of the Mayflower discovery. But will she learn to overcome bitter feelings toward her hippie mother? And how will she deal with an ex-husband whose desperate demands for money keep escalating?
Struggling every day with grief and guilt, Rosa wonders what happened to make her fourteen-year-old son leave home. She worries she will never see him again. But the one question that paralyzes her with fear and never leaves her any peace remains the same: Is my child still alive?
While the main focus of QUILTERS OF THE BUNCO CLUB: PHREE & ROSA is on two characters, the other six women from THE BUNCO CLUB weave in and out of the story keeping their strong friendship, opinions, and love of quilting alive.