In Henry and Mudge and the Bedtime Thumps, Henry and Mudge are going to visit grandmother. The whole drive there, Henry was worried about different problems he may encounter concerning Mudge. When they finally got to the grandmother's house, she was very excited to see both Henry and Mudge. Henry's grandmother's house was kind of small and Mudge was big, so he ended up knoicking a lot of stuff onto the floor. After he had knocked three things off of the table, Mudge was put outside. A little while later, Henry went out to play with Mudge. Henry's father called Henry in when it became dark outside, but he did not call in Mudge. He told Henry that Mudge had to sleep outside.Henry was very frightened to be without Mudge, and when a moth flopped around in the bedroom, Henry ran outside to where Mudge was. Henry ended up sleeping outside, under the table with Mudge. When the moth, from the bedroom, flew by, Mudge ate it.
This book is most suitable for children in pre-k to kindergarten. The book suggests that it is a "reading together" book, which most likely means that a child may need a parent to help with one or two words or a topic that is presented to that child. The art medium that is used in this book could be marker or pencil, then colored in with crayons. The pictures are very cartoonish, but they depict real-life objects. This book would be a great recommendation for children that are just starting to learn to read. The vocabulary and the plot are both simple. The problem that is presented to the reader is most likely a problem that many children have or are dealing with.