Attention fellow crazies! This book is for you!!! Actually, this was the kind of book that I was scared to read in public, but whose lessons really could be applicable to anyone. The main idea is to not let your negative thoughts control you. From as simple to "GAH! Why did that guy cut me off! He's such a jerk! Why are people such assholes!?" to "Oh man, it didn't work out with Dave. It never works out. What's wrong with me? Ahhhh, I'm going to die alone!!!" Obviously, some negative thoughts are more extreme than others, but Carlson's point is just to catch yourself when you're thinking this way. Also, to realize that moods go up and down and to not let a bad mood MEAN something. Thoughts and moods are intertwined, and you really have to pay attention to which thoughts you give respect to and which you can see are just kind of products of a bad mood. Also, when you're feeling depressed, insecure, jealous, or angry, you lose your productivity, creative potential and your good decision-making abilities - or at least you're not making decisions in your own best interest. I'm not nearly as eloquent on this as Richard Carlson, who as a PhD is far from a self-help scammer. I've been searching for these kinds of answers to well-being for years, but therapy, soul-searching, philosophy, religion, talking to family and friends...nothing really helped me figure things out like this book did. Because, basically, thinking and talking about your problems all the time is never going to really help or inspire you! It makes you feel weak and scared, and that's really the opposite of what you really need. This is not about turning off your brain, but instead, not letting your negative thoughts control you.