Nick and Mandy are back on the trail of a long ago secret in this second cliffhanger of the Key Series. Nick's family inherits and old farmhouse in New Hampshire and they need to fix it up and sell it. Whispers in the dark, unexplained creaking and an odd discovery in an upstairs wall convince Nick the place is haunted. He asks his cousin Mandy to come visit. Along with Nick's little sister, Christianne, they are determined to figure out what's going on, but one mystery leads to another. In a hidden tunnel from the Underground Railroad, they experience more strange happenings. Is the tunnel haunted, too? Or, is it something even scarier than ghosts? Soon, they are up to their necks in trouble and running for their lives. Will a mysterious key lead them to the answer in time? Find out in The Whispering Key, a book full of shivers for 8-12 year olds.