A mist swept sea rippling the name of the creator awakens a legend during the darkest hours of one mind.Through a thickness of ominous fog billowing across the ocean surface death is born upon the stop of time and continuing to exist within the boundless depths of imagination.

Legend of the Mediterranean and The Illusive Lord of the Sea (A double book set).

Created through fantasy reflections of a Legend of the Mediterranean.A mysterious buccaneer bandit shall eternally reign as The Illusive Lord of the Sea.

A three-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean with a band of eighteenth century pirates unlocks the portal to a mind-bending sea odyssey.A time so far removed, yet awakened amidst fog-covered seas shrouding the shores of reality.

Recorded within the pages of this two-volume log one man’s subliminal account has him setting sail through unbridled boundaries of rough swells.His obscure existence leads to an uncharted path intersecting a haunting maelstrom abyss of physical and internal torment.A bottomless depth where deeply rooted dreams of sordid deeds are explicitly explored within a world more fearful than this one unwary soul could have ever imagined….

*** This double book set contains Extreme Adult Sexual Subject Matter and violence.
This two-piece novel is Not for Readers under 18 years of age. ***