Twenty-eight stirring messages addressing the trials and challenges that daughters of the Heavenly Father face in their Christian walk: "Blessed is anyone who perseveres under trial” (James 1:12). Christine's devotionals
never fail to enlighten and enthuse. She has a captivating style
of writing, but it is her use of less familiar Scriptures that so
uplifts and inspires her readers.

If you are looking for answers and fresh insights into God's word, or
a new and different type of devotional, or how your life can be transformed for the better, you will be nothing less than enthralled with ‘Daughters Under Trial.’

For a long time Christine has had a burden to support women going through a trial of faith.She wanted her own experiences to be of benefit to others, and felt persuaded to have contents of her personal journals published due to this Scripture, “God who comforts us in trial so that we may be able to comfort others” (2 Corinthians 1:4).

Readers Comments

“You have done it again Christine! Encouraged me to pray more,
learn more, discern more. Your messages are so inspiring that
they are better than a lot of sermons I hear in church! You are an
inspiration to your sisters in Christ.”
(Judy, Business woman, Florida, USA).

“How I wish I had discovered you sooner! I love the way in
which you refer to Gods' word. It just makes me want to delve
into the Scriptures for myself!”
(Margaret, Artist, France).

“I was so intensely blessed! What an inspiring writer! God has
given you a very special gift!”
(Sandra, airport administrator, USA).

"This book will bless so many women! It is such an uplifting
devotional that impacts your life for good. It is a fantastic book
for personal use or as a handbook for group study"
(Sharon, proofreader, UK).

“You capture a freshness and authenticity few writers are able to
accomplish. I feel so much richer for having read your book”
(Eleanor, professional councillor, USA