I didn't realize this was the sequel to Bobby and the Jock, although we met Bo in this and I didn't feel like I was missing anything. This was good, but I don't think it needed to be so long. It kinda dragged on for a while so I assumed something else was gonna happen, but it just petered out.

Something that was fine for the first 4 chapters or so, but then started to get old, Bobby's crying. Holy hell kid, get a grip! Frank's comments were totally out of line (that fags like Bobby give the rest of them gay guys a bad name), but i cant believe bobby started crying right there! You're among Tony's friends AND you're just proving his point. At least walk away and go cry. Then with Tony's brother AJ was just stupid (its called teasing, don't be a pussy).

My only other complaint is that they use each others names WAY too often, especially during sex. "I love you, Bobby." "I love you, Tony." "Tony, I'm coming! I'm coming,Tony! Tony, I'm gonna come!" You get the idea.

Anyway I read this because I wanted to read The Jock and the Therapist and it said this was before. I'm not sure how necessary it was, but I enjoyed it. I will continue on to Bo's story, but I probably won't go back an read Bobby and Bo's story at this point.

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