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Lady Eryndal Bell is a fraud. A bastard orphan, she has claimed the Bell estate in the aftermath of the Black Death. When Lord Andrew Drummond, courtier to King David II, arrives Eryn hides her treasonous deception from the knight, despite his passionate proposal. After Drew discovers her lies, will he convince the king to spare her life? And will either one move beyond their stubborn pride and painful pasts to salvage love ~ before it's too late?

All would be fine if Lord Andrew Drummond hadn’t made an unexpected visit on behalf of King David II, held in the Tower of London as prisoner of England’s King Edward III. Drew, as the Scottish king’s main connection with the country he reigns over, has been traveling all over Scotland at the king’s behest. He is to assess the damage from the Black Death that has devastated the country; the country King David expects to raise the ransom to secure his freedom.

The knight is impressed with the smooth running of Castleton, as well as its Lady. Eryn is tall, graceful, and confident. After months of viewing the horror caused by the Death, he is only too happy to pass some peaceful time at Castleton, before he returns to the king with his troubling report.

Eryn knows that assuming a title that was not hers is a punishable offence, even to death. And Drew is certain this lovely lady is hiding something. But the pull between them is causing more problems. Her fear of being discovered, and his determination to uncover her secret, adds even more tension to their developing attraction.

Loving the Knight kept me up nights. It was difficult to put the book down, many chores went undone. Kris Tualla has woven a tale of love and fear with splendid results. The anxiety and loneliness of Eryn came through so effectively, it tore at my heart. Her determination to keep Castleton afloat, even using treasonous methods at times, brought remarkable strength to this character. Drew’s feelings of protection and concern, and growing love for this enigmatic woman won me over whole heartedly.
Well developed secondary characters rounded out the story nicely, making it a truly enjoyable read.

Warning: Don’t start this book late at night!
~ Callie Hutton, author of A Run For Love

I thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in such stellar writing. I felt the cold in my bones, heard the brogue, held my breath at every plot twist. I feel privileged to have shared the lives of such admirably flawed characters who, in desperate times, risked it all in the name of love.
~ Award-winning author Vijaya Schartz

A knight on a mission for his king and a woman determined to save the estate of the future laird have had to stand alone and were content to do so, until they meet and catch a glimpse of what it might be to share the journey, if only bothersome things like their pasts, secrets, treason, survival, and pride weren't such obstacles.

If you thought finding love in the 21st century was a challenge, trying finding it in 1354 Scotland, after the decimation of the Black Plague. I loved this book!
~ Judy - An Avid Romance Reader