Ares was a god sour on love. After a failed affaire with Aphrodite, he was determined to quit women altogether. What good were they other than for sexual release? Even for that, women were trouble, human or immortal. They were all the same. Until... June 6, 1944 Belle was part of the French Resistance, fighting for freedom from the Nazis that have taken her country. She felt most comfortable with a rifle in hand, and has earned the respect of the Allied Forces, always sure of her actions when plotting the next mission for her men. That is until Lieutenant Colonel A. Reese appeared after landing on the French shores in the long awaited invasion. Ares wanted to take part in this war, and he wanted to win. When he encountered Belle, he cannot resist the urge to taste her sweet flesh and make her his. Can he walk away once his mission is complete? Will he be able to let go the only woman that ignited his passion since his heartache from the past?