Welcome to Sanity, Arizona. It's a small town where everyone knows everyone and the natives are happy to live and let live...unless you're visiting. Forged in the fires of segregation, the descendants of an overrun insane asylum years before have carved out a place for themselves in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It's a small place with a single road and only a few buildings to speak of, out in the middle of nowhere. The residents have developed their own systems of law, politics, ethics, religion, and morality. Left on their own, Sanity would thrive outside the view of our world, content to live their lives in their own way. Unfortunately for all involved strangers do occasionally find themselves in Sanity, AZ.

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"Some of the brightest talent I've seen in a long time, coming together to make something special. Exactly the kind of book the world needs." -Josh Fialkov, writer Echoes, I, Vampire, Alpha

"James Ninness is clever and funny. It just makes sense to support his work so that in Sanity, AZ can be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world." -Eric Shanower, writer/artist Age of Bronze, Marvel's OZ series

“in Sanity, AZ promises to bring a unique, bold and fresh perspective to the horror genre, from up and coming indie-comic talents with a wealth of imagination and experiences to draw from.” –Joel Gomez, artist Flashpoint: Reverse Flash, Detective Comics

"James Ninness, Joe Pezzula, Michael Drace Fountain, Marcel Losada and their team have spearheaded an eerie anthology which should appeal to fans of modern horror. This brand of macabre fills the void which is largely absent in spandex filled #comicmarket, and should be supported not only for its unique voice, but overall quality. Great efforts from a roster of fresh faces, I wonder who will become a household name creator first…" -Jimmy Jay, retailer/convention organizer Jay Co. Comics, Amazing Arizona Comic Con

"in Sanity, AZ is a gold mine for indie comics lovers! A killer anthology concept with a creator list that reads like a Who's Who of up and coming comic book talent. I am genuinely psyched to see these stories come together!" -Chris Ryder, writer/creator Dames in the Atomic Age

"These guys are f#@%ing rad. Holy s*!t! Give them your money right now." -Tony Fleecs, cover artist My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

"I love my son very much. I don't like this book." -Michele Ninness, James Ninness's mother