It is widely observed that the competitiveness of regions, as manifested by factors such as innovation, wealth creation and subsequent economic growth, is evolving, with the stock of knowledge and innovation-related resources constantly shifting, reflecting ever-changing global economic contexts.

In general, the sources of regional innovation and growth are increasingly considered to be based on the role that knowledge plays within and across regional economies. As a result, the concept of the knowledge-based economy has emerged to provide a better understanding how the effective production, distribution, and use of knowledge under-pins competitive regional economies.

This book examines the competitiveness of regions across the globe. Drawing on concepts related to innovation and knowledge-based economic development, it conceptualizes the notion of regional competitiveness and then develops a framework to examine regional competitiveness in almost 500 regions across the globe, covering Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, plus regions in the emerging BRIC nations consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.