This is my "A book set in your home town" book for my reading challenge with a friend. I LOVE this movie. The screenwriter and director Was from Bloomington, IN, and had attended the Little 500 which is the centerpiece of the story. His scenes were SET in Bloomington, ON campus. The sense of place was my favorite character in the book.

All of that is missing from the book. And that makes me so sad. This book could be set in any college town where town-and-gown forces are uneasy alliances.

The author mishandled the pivotal scene where Dave and his dad sit down in front of the massive, soaring IU Library and his dad talked about cutting the limestone for the building. This building holds special meaning for my husband and me. He was working in the library, and was in charge of moving the entire collection from the old libraries to this one. One night he burst in the door and grabbed me, stuffed me in the car, and drove me toward campus. The intent was to light the entire facade of the Library at night, WHEN IT OPENED, and somehow, someone had flipped the switch. We got to see the library shining in the night sky, some of the first people to do so.

That library was identified as a classroom building!! UGH!

What I DID like about the book, and the reason I bumped it up a star, is it allows us into the minds and hearts of the boys from Bloomington: Mike, Dave, Moocher, and Cyril...dear Cyril. Actors can emote and give us hints...words can communicate more clearly.

So, two stars for messing up my hometown. One EC star for portraying my boys with such sensitivity.