Suddenly it all makes sense, this final volume really tied everything together in a surprisingly exciting and successful way.

I absolutely love when cause and effect get all twisted up, that's what I want from a story involving time travel.Visiting the past and seeing how it changes the future is fun but when the future is the cause of an event in the past it blows my mind, and that's when I'm in Whovian ecstasy!

Overall, the final volume makes reading the first 2 totally worth it.

The last 3 issues are stand alone with varying degrees of quality...

Ground Control 4 Stars, What's great about this story is that it questions the ethics of the Doctor.It is easy to see the Doctor as a hero, but isn't it reckless to and selfish to whisk people away from their lives and put them in almost constant danger....?
The Big, Blue Box 3 Stars, I love DW stories from the perspective of an outsider, for example this short story is narrated by a man who has seen the Tardis pop up multiple times.For what it is, which is short, it is a nice simple story.
To Sleep Perchance to Scream 2 Stars, this short story is meant to be surreal and has lots of references to classic DW but I just didn't really get it.