Agent Jamie Dallas loves undercover assignments that get her out of the Phoenix Bureau. But her new case is risky-an FBI agent is mysteriously dead, and a medical device company is targeting competitors with dangerous acts of sabotage. Dallas infiltrates TecLife, spies on her new bosses, and tries to steal a sample of their mutant bacteria. But soon her life is in danger when she's caught in a battle between companies, each hoping to kill the competition while launching a billion-dollar blockbuster. Meanwhile, a famous actor is found beaten and murdered in an abandoned cannery, and a young detective lands the case of a lifetime. Determined to bring justice to his favorite star, Detective Cortez follows a trail of evidence that leads to the medical-product war-but he has no idea how deadly it is. Can Dallas survive long enough to stop a researcher who's gone over the edge and save millions of consumers from getting caught in the crossfire?