This less expensive, streamlined edition of Your College Experience presents a straightforward, realistic, and intelligent review of the skills students need to succeed in college. The text focuses on the academic skills taught in college success courses, providing students with tools and strategies for building a solid base of critical thinking, time management, research, study, and test-taking skills. Additional coverage of emotional intelligence, learning styles, diversity, and money help students get off to a great start.

Goal setting has always been central to this text, and the Tenth Edition has been revised with added coverage and activities to strengthen this material throughout. In addition, a new focus on assessing their own strengths will help students see where they are already succeeding so they get off to a great start and stay in college.

A full package of instructional support materials – including an Instructor’s Annotated Edition, an Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint slides, videos, and a Test Bank – provides new and experienced instructors all the tools they will need to engage students in this course and increase student retention.