A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home, is a great little book by Jason Helopoulos that desires to be a gentle nudge to all Christians to actively participate in family worship.Jason sets out at the beginning of his book to make sure that his readers understand that his true desire is not for them to incur guilt because they don't practice family worship (or they practice it infrequently), but that they would be encouraged to overcome, by God's grace, every stumbling block that is currently hindering them from this biblical act of obedience. I loved this quote from Jason on Page 11:

"As we approach the subject of family worship it is helpful to be reminded that it is nothing more than our response in the home to God's magnificent and infinite grace.And it is by that grace that we gather together with our family members to delight in His excellent goodness and eternal glory.Family worship is not something we have to do.Our right standing before God is not impacted by whether we lead our families in worship or not.Christ has already accomplished all for our salvation.Rather, family worship, like other spiritual disciplines, becomes something we want to do."

Jason calls family worship a "joyful responsibility", and I wholeheartedly agree with him.Too often, those of us who actually practice family worship, treat it like it is another box we need to check off on our Christian to-do list, rather than viewing it as a wonderful privilege to share the love of Christ with our other family members on a daily basis and watch the Spirit move in all of our lives.This is especially true for us who have loved ones in our family who are currently not born-again believers...sharing the love of Christ by sitting together as a family and discussing the things of Christ, reading the Word systematically from the beginning of a book to the end of that book, memorizing Scripture together, and then praying over what was read/other areas of concern in our lives is a way for us to glorify God.Consistent, and God-glorifying family worship, is one of the best ways for us to proclaim the excellency of the gracious and merciful God who redeemed us through the precious blood of His Son.We can hang every manner of Joshua 24:15 plaque/banner that we want to in our homes, but nothing "screams louder" that our house truly serves the Lord than consistent and genuine family worship that doesn't incur guilt because they don't practice family worship as often as they want to but a family who practices worship together because they want toand don't turn it into a form of legalism.

This is definitely not a long book, and Jason even acknowledges at the outset of his book that this is not an exhaustive book about family worship, but I think it fully accomplishes what Jason intended it to accomplish and that is a book that gently encourages those who are discouraged in family worship to stay faithful, to those who aren't practicing family worship to "just do it", and offers those who are thinking about doing it sample ways to do it.I have already given one copy of this book to someone in my church and will fully recommend it to others going forward.

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