A fantastic book that really hits the nitty-gritty of everything one needs to know to begin the rewarding hobby of beekeeping.After reading this book - a text that not only covers the basics, tools, and behaviors of bees but also the history, heirarchies, anatomies, and various problems and solutions - I feel as though I can go on this journey much more confidently than after I had finished Kidd's Secret Life of Bees.I am really looking forward to the investment and returns on my new hobby and I am ready to hit the ground running for 2011.The book was easy to read, basic so that even someone without any knowledge (such as myself) could pick it up, and really makes you feel that this is a lot easier than you may have thought.It seems that this hobby is a bit of a big investment at the beginning (but I can't think of any hobbies that aren't - as a matter of fact, when comparing it to many other hobbies, the investment is not very much at all), but easily will give returns year after year from there.I learned a lot from the author, and his experiences, and the book not only works as a read-it-cover-to-cover-and-learn-everything, but also a serious reference text that includes quick notes, calendars, checklists, and just about everything else to keep me on track.Pretty awesome book!