James Cone's Black Theology & Black Power explains changes required for blacks to survive in this society. He defines black power as, "complete emancipation of black people by whatever means black people deem necessary." This means that "black people no longer see themselves as without human dignity but as men." He explains that blacks see themselves without dignity because white society has objectified them. As objects they're not relational beings, but objects to exploit for white privilege & empowerment. This goes back to the beginning of the African experience in America. Black suffering was real & "black people cannot live according to what ought to be, but according to what is."
This book hasn't a lot of time to come to grips with meaning in a society which incessantly indoctrinates blacks that they're less then human, less then whole. Cone didn't have the luxury of seminary education in theologies other then those made by white men talking to other white men as the church made even Augustine & Jesus white. He doesn't write in a vacuum nor may this book be read in a vacuum.
It's an essential book for understanding Black Liberation.—A. Tripp (edited)