Saffi does Sherlock!

We all love Sherlock Holmes, and nothing can compare with the pleasure of reading the originals as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote them.

But let's be honest. Conan Doyle wrote for adults, not children. Some of the themes, such as the opium dens and Holmes' cocaine abuse, are not ideally suited to younger children.

And Conan Doyle wrote for Victorian adults, in a style of Victorian English that is at once wonderfully and uniquely Conan Doyle, but again is not ideally suited to younger children.

In the first of the 'Saffi Does Sherlock' series Saffina Desforges rewrites the Sherlock Holmes classic 'The Blue Carbuncle', accompanied by Sidney Paget's original iillustrations and further colour illustrations by cover-designer Athanasios Galanis.

Saffi Does Sherlock - The perfect way to introduce Sherlock Holmes to your kids.

Look out for 'Saffi Does Sherlock: Silver Blaze' out now!
'Saffi does Sherlock: The Speckled Band' will be released late 2012!