Ask anyone "What defines unconditional love?" and nine out of 10 people will say, "My dog." So who could say it better than Zelda, a 60-pound bulldog? Eminently photographic and wisely wacky, Zelda delivers her advice to the lovelorn with prescriptions for romantic success in this delightful book, Zelda Rules on Love.

This hilarious book features the "adore-a-bull" bulldog in a new collection of photographs, combined with her humorous take on the world of love. Zelda dressed in a red sweater with a red rose in her mouth says, "To be loved . . . be love-a-bull." Zelda in designer attire surrounded by chic shopping bags and credit cards advises, "When love fails, go shopping. . . . You can always return what you don't want." In a chapter entitled Memor-a-bull Friends and Lovers, Zelda teams up with her best friend, Baby, to portray all the favorites, including Laurel and Hardy, Zelda and Louise, Tonto and the Lone Ranger, Anthony and Cleopatra, and many more. All in all, Zelda knows where it's at when it comes to love.