Kat Devereaux is cursed, not just in a manner of speaking. This is a real Voodoo curse placed on her family over 100 years before she was born. That's what happens when you mess with a Voodoo Queen. Kat and her twin sister are destined to repeat history following the many women of their family who died under that evil death curse.

Follow Kat to New Orleans where she searches for answers that just might lie in the arms of a vampire. The only problem, or actually one of many problems.... he has been locked in a coffin as long as her family has been cursed. When Kat manages to free him she hopes that he can turn her into a vampire making her immortal and thereby rendering the curse null and void. Instead she managed to find the only vampire with scruples and he refuses to turn her. Desperate she turns to Tarik's brother adding fire to their family feud. He is the one that locked Tarik in the coffin to start with.

The clock starts ticking when Kat's sister becomes pregnant. The Voodoo curse calls for the women to get pregnant the instant they loose their virginity and die while giving birth to a female child. They are doomed to only know love briefly and die helpless perpetuating the curse .

If Kat cannot end the curse soon her sister will die and eventually so will she if she doesn't keep her vampire at bay. To add fuel to the fire Tarik is more than willing to share her bed just not a coffin. His nightly visits to torment her dreams give her a taste of what she is missing. How can she convince him without accelerating the curse by divulging it's secret?

Join this exciting cast of characters as they romp through the Big Easy from the cemeteries to the masquerade balls. Ride along the parade routes at Mardi Gras and feel like you are deep within the intrigue unveiled. You will be tangled within the story as Kat transforms from a girl on a mission to a woman destined to protect mankind.

Look for the sequel soon... Bad Moon Rising also by Leslie Brown