We all have favourite summertime books. Some people pick up good, thick fantasy novels; others dive deep into intense realistic books like Rohinton Mistry’s “A Fine Balance.” Others look for light romances and perhaps the odd new cookery book.

I picked up another Morse novel!

If you haven’t read the Morse series, this is probably not the book you should pick up first. Though the chronology of the series is not that significant, I think one should start with the early Morse books first. You can becomes familiar with the slightly younger detective (maybe in his fifties?) before diving into the later Morse books.

“Death is Now my Neighbour” is the second to last book in the series, followed only by “The Remorseful Day,” which I have already read.Here Dexter gives us some fairly major revelations about the character of Morse, including what his first name is!

Throughout the series, we know Morse as Morse only. Often characters will ask Morse for his first name and question him about it. He refuses to say a thing. “Morse” he’ll say abruptly, rebuffing anyone who dare question him. I was surprised that Dexter finally reveals Morse’s first name, and the revelation is to both the reader and to Morse’s long-time sergeant, Lewis.

What is the name? Read the book or check out other internet sites that give it away! I won’t say anything, except that if I were Morse, laden with such a name, I’d certainly go by my last name only, or invent some other name for myself!

I know. I’m putting off discussing the novel. “Death Is Now My Neighbour” is another great mystery, fully up to the usual standard. It’s clever, funny and well-plotted. There are lots of suspects in this one and Morse, as usual, follows many false leads. It is a slightly more poignant tale then some previous because of the personal revelations about Morse, and Morse seems now more vulnerable than before.

For those of you who feel like reading the Morse series, I’ll list the novels for you:

Last Bus to Woodstock
Last Seen Wearing
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
Service of All the Dead
The Dead of Jericho
The Riddle of the Third Mile
The Secret of Annexe 3
The Wench is Dead
The Jewel That Was Ours
The Way Through the Woods
The Daughters of Cain
Morse’s Greatest Mystery and the other Stories
Death is Now My Neighbour
The Remorseful Dead.