My mission with this book is to bring this personality type to light as a serious problem in many offices. Why? Because they cause inordinate expense, emotional upset, and universal chaos, all in the interest of getting attention for themselves.

From the Office Wife who bounces the entire payroll several times a year when she knows better, to the person who is running a second business on the boss’s time, to the petty tyrant who hides other employees’ paperwork but was “just trying to help,” these are the people whose job duties, responsibilities, and power should be limited until they stop causing harm.

This is the personality type that creates lots of havoc and passes along all the blame.

This is the type that makes you think you’re going crazy, instead of realizing the true cause.

This is the type that is on the kind of offense that puts you on defense.

This is the psychic vampire.

Do you have one in your office?

And no, I’m not a licensed psychotherapist; I just have more than 30 years of experience in learning to deal with the kind of person who will run over you and then complain that you got their tires dirty.

You have been warned.