A newly revised edition of The Women'¬?s Wheel of Life (first released in 1996 to critical and popular acclaim), THE CIRCLE OF LIFE describes the 13 archetypes of women'¬?s lives and helps women identify which archetype they currently embody. From Maiden to Lover to Mother to Priestess to Crone, each stage of life informs and influences the others. By understanding the interplay between stages, women can develop a stronger sense of contentment and self-acceptance. Essential reading for every woman, this now-classic text is an important contribution to the understanding of women'¬?s development, and will find a welcome home on the bookshelves of those both young and old. ‚Ä¢ Includes a new quiz to help women identify their current archetype, and a new chapter offering support and instruction on starting your own women'¬?s circle.