Al Ross does a very nice job with Destroyer: The Sullivans.The actual text part of the book is nineteen pages but it is small font and packed with information.The Fletcher class destroyers were an amazing class of 175 copies were built and they were durable and well designed/built.There are four Fletchers that are museums and possibly a fifth that might become a museum and Ross' book gives the reader a surrogate visit to one of the museum Fletcher's the USS Sullivans.The detail of his drawings is worth the price of the book.Truly the three Fletchers left in the United States are national treasures and this book is a goos representation of the Sullivans and her 174 other sister ships.I looked at the diagrams and felt myself aboard the Fletcher I volunteer onboard in Boston and could imagine almost every piece of major equipment Ross describes.This is a great reference on Fletchers.